Kate McGaffin

The Lone Bellow + 3rd and Lindsley

Kate McGaffin

Nashville, TN

April 1, 2016

Over the past few years, The Lone Bellow has become more of a religion to me than just a band. Some people might think I'm crazy for saying that. Well those people have never seen them perform live. I was joking to the 100.1 fm guys about how this band was formed through divine intervention. But in all honesty, I believe their music is here to do more. I'm not sure what, but I just know it's more. 

My first time seeing them was on a first date in Columbus, Ohio. He didn't dance or sing along and I knew he wasn't the one. The next night they played in Cincinnati and I forced my dad to go. Since then I've seen them play big music festivals, back yards in Nashville, and at an American Legion. This was the first time I was able to take photos of them that were non iPhone, something I've been dying to do for years. I didn't have a photo pass or access to different areas of the venue, but I did what I could. 

Ok, my ranting is over. Pictures now.